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Chess tournaments :
Khanty-Mansiysk Chess Olympiads 2010
Women's World Chess Blitz Championship 2010
Lenzerheide 2010 National
Lenzerheide 2010 TP1
Lenzerheide 2010 Senior
Kosteniuk - Cori at the Machu Picchu
Kosteniuk in Miami May 15, 2010
Kosteniuk simul Indialantic Space Coast 2010
Chess for Peace 2010
Dallas Nationals K-12 2009
World Blitz Championship 2009
Chess Queen Triple Promotion Photos
Kosteniuk in Panama 2009
Kosteniuk Beach 2009
Kosteniuk - Milliet Corsica 2009
Florida SuperState Chess Championship 2009
Kosteniuk in Kalmykia 2008
Kosteniuk visit to Korea 2008
2nd Kosteniuk Cup Moscow 2008
1st Mind Sports Games Beijing 2008
Nalchik 2008 Semi-finals and Finals Hou - Kosteniuk
Nalchik 2008 Closing Kosteniuk World Champion
Kosteniuk tourism in Nalchik - Mount Elbrus
Kosteniuk visits the Blue Lake while in Nalchik
Beautiful Women Chess Players from Nalchik
Kosteniuk tourism in Nalchik
Memorial Tal 2008
Mainz 2008 Rapid Chess Tournament
Mainz 2008 Women Chess960 World Championship
IMSA Cup Perm 2008
Kosteniuk Simul at Columbia University
Blitz at the Dvorkovich Gostinaya 11-24-07
Memorial Tal, Moscow 2007
European Team Championships Crete 2007 PRIZE CEREMONY
European Team Championships Crete 2007
Villandry 2007
Rapid Cap d'Agde 2006
Mexico 2006
Simul at Coffeemania Moscow 06
World Chess960 Championship, Mainz 2006
Elista WWCC 2004
Youngmasters 2004
Aix en Provence 2004
Russian Superfinal 2004
Dresden 2004
Crete Eurocup 2003
Goteborg 2005
Plovdiv 2003
Kazan 2005
Corus Wijk aan Zee 2005
Cureglia 2006
Torino Olympiad 2006
Calvia Olympiad 2004
WWCC Ekaterinburg 2006
Kosteniuk fashion :
Kosteniuk with Orlov Chess Sets
Kosteniuk in Bogota red fashion 2010
Merry Christmas to you!
Chess Queen Kosteniuk Halloween Series
Kosteniuk in blue at the Beach
Zimaletto in Panama
Vizcaya 2007 (P.-W. Henry and Pufichek)
Photo by Vladimir Shirokov for Prosport
Pufichek Beach 2006
Alexandra Kosteniuk Covergirl
Alexandra in front of a Gold and Silver Colored Chess Set
Andrei Rozen
FIDE First Photoshoot 2001
Elle Girl 2002
Readers Digest 2002
Zamborlini 2003
Marie Claire 2005
Vogue 2002
Pufichek Christmas 2005
Pufichek Halloween 2005
Minkovich 2003
P.-W. Henry 2005
P.-W. Henry 2004
P.-W. Henry 2003
other :
Kosteniuk Culinary Master-Class
Manor Sierre Simul 2010
Caissa Award 2010
Kosteniuk in Atlanta May 2010
Tarrito Rojo Chess Talent 2010
Kosteniuk in Medellin tourism 2010
Kosteniuk & Baby in Moscow
Tandem Simul Kosteniuk Skripchenko Pyramides 2009
New York 2009 Kosteniuk Simul
Kosteniuk in Kalmyk Dress
Gostinaya celebrating Kosteniuk World Champion
Drawings by Anibal Lopez Lenci
Kosteniuk is the Star at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum
GM Kosteniuk visits Miami Beach High School
1-й кубок Александры Костенюк 2007
Alexandra Kosteniuk goes to Gmunden (Austria)
Two Chess Champions in Nevada
Alexandra Kosteniuk at the Miami Scholastics 2007
Rare Russian Chess Books
Tobias Feigel - Mainz 2006


Welcome to Pufichek's Best Chess Photos

NEW! Chess Portrait Beauty Contest: The top Russian women chess players. Pick your favorite, based on your subjective criteria, for example: How they play chess, how nice persons they are or seem to be, how they look. Beauty & Intelligence, that's the FULL package!

New album: RUSSIA-1 IS 2010 OLYMPIC CHESS CHAMPION! On the team: Tatiana and Nadezhda Kosintseva, Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk, Alisa Galliamova and Valentina Gunina. Coach Yury Dokhoyan. The event took part in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia and ended on October 3, 2010 (date of the photos).

Photos from the recent 2009 World Blitz Championship in Moscow. During this championship, Women's World Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk created a sensation by beating top world players, such as
• Men's World Chess Champion Vishy Anand (rated #3 in world)
• Men's #1 rated in the world Magnus Carlsen (2801 ELO)
• Men's #5 rated in the world Aronian, #6 rated Gashimov, #10 rated Grischuk
• Women's #1 rated Judith Polgar rated 2680 ELO

Classic photo albums about the 2008 Women's World Chess Championship
1) Alexandra Kosteniuk is crowned WORLD CHESS CHAMPION!!
2) Nalchik Semi-Finals and Finals

2009 Kosteniuk Beach Photos
2009 Chess Queen photos

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    Kosteniuk with Orlov Chess Sets

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